Odd lot trading (碎 股 買賣) has a minimum unit.

The minimal transaction unit at the Peculiar Stock account opening(股票開戶) of this executed order of this automatic correspondence method of the Hong Kong stock exchange has been much. The amount of different shares within the Hong Kong stock market is determined by the price of the stocks.

Lots could be five hundred stocks, a hundred shares, 200 shares, etc. Over the Hong Kong stock exchange, all securities might be tradable in non-integer a lot (inventory lots), but generally all high liquidity stocks are much more likely to become traded in stock loads.

Open a bank accounts (開 證券戶) is translated as a inventory accounts and can be Divided into several account categories: funding account, money account, and futures accounts. Opening a new bank account takes an activity that is divided into opening the account and opening your account online. It is just necessary for somebody to prepare all the applicable stuff and follow the procedure to very easily start a bank accounts.

Through the Huasheng official website, users will probably be able to have a Stock account opening (股票 開戶) using all the most effective technologies in transactions, which provides protection and Reliability to all users that enter this website.

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The Huasheng C.G company has its own headquarters in Hong Kong and offices In Beijing and Shenzhen, along with sustaining a few international monetary licenses in newzealand. The subsidiary Huasheng C.G Co. (Huasheng Securities) is popularly known as an entirely certified securities business that’s accepted from the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission.